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We produced and composed the Music for Schüco / Sicherheitskampagne


Music Production:

We ensure the highest possible quality for your musical needs by using advanced techniques and tools to create music, with a selection of the finest samples & sound libraries available, professional mixing, high class plugins and hardware. Our work comes to life in Cubase Pro 8 and Nuendo 7.

Composing, Transcribing & Orchestrating:

We embody the knowledge of composing and transferring music onto paper using Sibelius and Finale. We are able compose for all sizes of orchestras and bands along with their instrumentation. We mainly focus on orchestral work like classical music, pop, rock, jazz and world.

Game Music/Audio Implementation:

We offer music and audio solutions for your individual video game projects by creating layouts and giving spotting sessions to you and your team to fit your wishes. We use Nuendo 7, Wwise and Fmod Studio to provide the best possible results in implementing sounds and music into your game.

Live Recording & Sound Design:

We took a lot of effort to increase the quality of our performance and recording skills to create our own unique sound to achieve the wanted effects and results. With that we’d like to offer you the possibility to use this service for your own undertakings. Over the years we collected and implemented a huge amount of Sfx – Library Sounds into different projects which leaves us well equipped for your sound design necessities as well.

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Words are used to conceal reality.. aren´t they ? Music is much more reliable means of communication!


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You can go to school forever but you´re never really going to learn until you just do it
- Michael Giacchino
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The great thing about doing movie music is,
that you find out what you´re capable of
-Thomas Newman

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