David Yousefi was born in Hamburg, Germany. His love for music developed in young age with playing the piano. He plays guitar as well and many percussive Instruments. After one year on the Theater-Stage-School in Hamburg he learned how to translate dramaturgy and characters into musical terms. He studied at the College of Music in Berklee, Music for Films and Games & Composing. He also visited a diversity of music courses, workshops and schools, met a lot of bands and musicians along his way.



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René Osmanczyk was born in Germany. He started playing the piano when he was seven and took lessons in piano playing over the years. He plays cello as well and uses his skills and knowledge for his Compositions as a good tool to realize ideas. Another passion he pursues is singing and writing Pop-Songs since a lot of years. He studies Composition for Film & Theatre at the Conservatory in Arnhem at the moment. Before that he visited a private school and finished the one-year-education with a graduation of Basic Composer in Bonn, Germany.


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